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Family business Grows From Humble Beginning

Ellenburg Septic Tank has been in business since 1962 where, C.M. Ellenburg Jr. had the opportunity of a lifetime, to invest in the septic tank business.

A man came to C.M. one night wanting to sell him a pump truck for $500 so, he walked across the branch to his good friend, J.C. Clemmons, and talked the matter over with him. J.C. asked C.M. if he thought he could make a go of the business, and C.M. said he thought he could.

During this period of time, people were beginning to get indoor toilets and plumbing and would be needing this kind of service. So, C.M. bought the pump truck and went door to door to see if people wanted their septic tanks pumped out. He did not have a phone, just door-to-door, word-of-mouth advertising.

The first job that C.M. went to was for D.L. Head on Radio Hill. C.M. had to borrow D.L.’s shovel to uncover the tank. D.L. told him to take the shovel, and when he got to where he could afford his own shovel, just bring it back.

Many years have passed by since C.M. Ellenburg pioneered the septic tank business in Geneva County. Many changes in the products and industry have come since its humble beginning. With a lot of the work being done by hand when he began, C.M. endured, worked hard, and succeeded.

He did, after all, have a family depending on him. Later he was able to buy a backhoe, trailer, and eventually a boom truck, so he could set his own tanks. Nowadays Ellenburg Septic Tank can do in three or four hours what it took C.M. days to do.

The business is a third generation, family owned and operated business. It is now operated by father and son, Tony and Cole Ellenburg. C.M. said he was proud to stamp his name on every job he ever did, and they feel the same today. The family is proud and feel privileged to have worked in this community in the past, the present, and look forward to serving for years to come.

Ellenburg does all types of septic tank work, new systems, repair to existing systems, and pump out systems. No job is too big or too small. Commercial or residential, you can call day or night 24/7, they are there when you need them. Their office is open Monday – Friday 8-4.

Ellenburg bases its business on repeat customers, word of mouth, and a good solid reputation for honest and reliable workmanship. They believe in what they do and try to please every customer. Their foundation principles are the Christian principles that are their heritage.

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